Entourage issues with Exchange 2007.

How to resolve Entourage issues with Exchange 2007, especially the infamous “The user’s folder could not be found. Entourage could not find a mailbox for the user username_last, username_first.” The basic workaround is to instruct users to manually change the mailbox path to: mail.contoso.com/exchange/your.username@contoso.com. But wait! There is a permanent fix:

  • From a MMC, open the Exchange Console.
  • Select an affected user mailbox and click properties and go to the E-Mail Addresses tab.
  • Under the addresses you should see user@domain.com.
  • Add user@domain.local.
  • Try to access a shared mailbox/calendar with Entourage again… Voilà! You shouldnt see any error message anymore.
  • To do this to all the users in your domain, you will need to edit the default email policy and apply it to all the [existing and new] users.

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