Deploy Windows on Macs using MDT.

[Edited for Mac OSX Lion, thanks to Ted.]

Deploying Windows on Macs is a bit complicated since they don’t support standard PC features like PXE. Considering you have one-and-only one Mac OS partition (usually Macintosh HD), running the Boot Camp installer creates a fourth partition on Disk0 (Disk0\Partition3 or Disk 0\Partition4 if you’re running Lion/Mountain Lion).

MDT lets you generate boot CDs for unsupported hardware. Make sure you include BroadcomMarvell and Nvidia Ethernet drivers into your driver repository.

  1. Go into your deployment share (Deployment$\Scripts) and create a file named DiskPartMac.txt then insert the following contents into it:
    SELECT disk 0
    SELECT partition 3 or SELECT partition 4 if you’re running Lion or Mountain Lion
  2. Create a standard Task Sequence in the Deployment Workbench, chose the OS you want to install.
  3. Under PreinstallNew Computer Only, delete “Format and Partition Disk”.
  4. Still under New Computer Only, create a command line action by clicking “Add” at the top then “General”, then “Run Command Line”. Rename it to “Custom Mac Format” and input the following command:
    diskpart /s “%scriptroot%\DiskPartMac.txt”
  5. Move it between “Validate” and “Copy scripts”.
  6. Click on “Install Operating System” under “Install” and configure the target partition as Disk 0 Partition 3 or 4 if you’re running Lion:
You’re done.

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