Quick MDT 2012 facts

I’ve been quite busy lately so I’ll try to be quick… I would like to share my discoveries on MDT 2012 and the information I gathered while I was migrating from MDT 2010. Mikael Nystrom’s step by step on how to update BIOS in MDT still works perfectly. Andrew Barnes’ how to integrate BGInfo into […]

How to install iTunes on Windows with MDT

I came across the need to deploy iTunes using MDT (2010 or 2012). Unfortunately, there is no way to run the usual setup file with switches. The key is to expand the installer (using 7-zip) and then create hidden applications for each component (that also allows you to prevent Bonjour or Apple Software update from […]

How to set the network adapter order from the command line.

You will notice that now matter how you install your operating system, the network adapters order is very likely to be wrong, usually with the wireless adapter at the top. How to find out: Open the Control Panel. Open “Network and Sharing Center”. On the left pane, click on “Change Adapter Settings”. Press the Alt […]


Sorry, I’ve been quite silent recently but I’m currently writing a pretty exhaustive guide to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT 2010). Stay tuned! Namaste.