Resizing an OSX partition on a VM hosted on ESXi.

One of the great things in vSphere 5.1 is that the Mac Pro is a fully supported server for ESXi. That means you can virtualize OSX on supported and recent hardware. While the templating and integration is not as great as with Windows and Linux, you can deploy VMs in a reasonably short amount of […]

Serving Mountain Lion updates with a server running Lion.

UPDATE 10/03/12: Turns out, Apple decided it’s no longer possible to update a newer OS than what the server is¬†actually¬†running (i.e. no updates for 10.8 if the server is running 10.7). As per this KB article, updating Mountain Lion requires a Mountain Lion server. My stance on this is to use either Reposado or Munki […]

Deploy Windows on Macs using MDT.

[Edited for Mac OSX Lion, thanks to Ted.] Deploying Windows on Macs is a bit complicated since they don’t support standard PC features like PXE. Considering you have one-and-only one Mac OS partition (usually Macintosh HD), running the Boot Camp installer creates a fourth partition on Disk0 (Disk0\Partition3 or Disk 0\Partition4 if you’re running Lion/Mountain […]

My favorite tools…

I’ve been wanting to put a list of my favorite tools online for a long time… System cleanup, tune-up and optimization: Ccleaner – Piriform – Free – Cleans caches, temp files, application specific settings, cleans up the registry and much more. Defraggler – Piriform – Free – An awesome disk defragmentation software. Cleanup! 4.5.2 – […]

iTunes hanging when connecting iPhone.

If you see iTunes hanging (being unresponsive) when you connect your iPhone, try the following: Connect your iPhone. Watch iTunes hanging. Curse. A lot. Launch Image, go to the Preferences and select “When a camera is connected open:” “No application”. iTunes magically un-hangs. You’re welcome. Namaste.

Playing with Boot Camp on Macs and EFI limitations workarounds.

As you may know, Macs use a GPT (GUID Partition Table) unlike Windows, that usually uses the old MBR (Master Boot Record). On top of that, there is just a BIOS emulation on top of the EFIon Apple machines. As usual, Macs are a step ahead but that creates some side effects: Inability to boot […]

Entourage issues with Exchange 2007.

How to resolve Entourage issues with Exchange 2007, especially the infamous “The user’s folder could not be found. Entourage could not find a mailbox for the user username_last, username_first.” The basic workaround is to instruct users to manually change the mailbox path to: But wait! There is a permanent fix: From a MMC, open […]