Quick MDT 2012 facts

I’ve been quite busy lately so I’ll try to be quick… I would like to share my discoveries on MDT 2012 and the information I gathered while I was migrating from MDT 2010. Mikael Nystrom’s step by step on how to update BIOS in MDT still works perfectly. Andrew Barnes’ how to integrate BGInfo into […]

Integrate Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Tools (DaRT) into the MDT boot image

If you’re running MDT 2012, please read Michael Niehaus’ post: http://blogs.technet.com/b/mniehaus/archive/2011/11/28/mdt-2012-new-feature-dart-integration.aspx I recently found out Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Tools (I’ll refer to it as DaRT thereafter) was quite handy. It is part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, which is available for free if you’re covered by Software Assurance. So basically the goal here it to […]

Updating the BIOS programmatically in MDT…

Mikael Nystrom has a very interesting blog post over at deploymentbunny.com on how to update the BIOS on HP, Dell and Lenovo computers. The source code is mostly functional but you will need to be careful with the non-unicode characters here and there. Namaste.

Make an MDT task sequence resolution independent.

You will often find yourself with a deployed computer that doesn’t match the resolution it’s supposed to use. It’s quite annoying, especially on laptops (have you seen how ugly Windows is when displayed at 1024×768 on a 1920×1200 screen?). There is a very easy way around that: Go to your task sequence properties. Go to […]

[UPDATED] Adobe Reader 9/X Clean Deployment

What I wrote about Adobe Reader MSI patching has a major flaw: you cannot under any circumstances update Adobe Reader after installing it with the modified MSI. I had to find another way… Good news, it’s a lot easier now. First of all obtain the latest Adobe Reader Installer from this page: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Extract the […]

Adobe Customization Wizard X is now available!

Download from here. For silent deployment, see this previous article.

How to install iTunes on Windows with MDT

I came across the need to deploy iTunes using MDT (2010 or 2012). Unfortunately, there is no way to run the usual setup file with switches. The key is to expand the installer (using 7-zip) and then create hidden applications for each component (that also allows you to prevent Bonjour or Apple Software update from […]

Add a domain user as the local admin with a script.

If you need to automate the attribution of local admin rights, use the following script, that will save you quite a few clicks: Dim DomainName Dim UserAccount Set net = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Network”) local = net.ComputerName DomainName = “CONTOSO” set group = GetObject(“WinNT://”& local &”/Administrators”) UserAccount = InputBox( “Please enter the username (first.last) of the local admin […]

MDT 2010 & 2012: Make the local admin password optional.

If you want to be able to set the local admin password but also leave the possibility to make it blank, edit the following file scripts\DeployWiz_Validation.vbs in MDT 2010 and scripts\DeployWiz_AdminPassword.vbs in MDT 2012: Function ValidatePassword ValidatePassword = ParseAllWarningLabels NonMatchPassword.style.display = “none” If Password1.Value <> “” then If Password1.Value <> Password2.Value then ValidatePassword = TRUE […]

Adding PXELinux option to WDS.

Deployment guru Johan Arwidmark has a pretty interesting article about adding a boot menu to WDS. But it’s about Windows Server 2008 R2. If, like me, you need info about Windows Server 2008, follow his step-by-step until step 7. At step 7, open the Windows Deployment Services console, right click on your server, then click […]